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Bookeez is a portable book making studio so you can write, draw and create your own stories, and then bind them into your own unique book.

Horrid Henry Bookeez: Your very own book making studio

Dive into the classic world of Horrid Henry in this fun filled and creative Bookeez pack. Let your imagination run wild and create fantastical stories and art. Use the stickers, pages and covers to make perfect Horrid Henry inspired creations. Turn them into real life books of your own making using the bookeez spines and bookeez unit.

Horrid Henry Pencil Case

Horrid Henry Pencil Case

Durable, zip fastening pencil case for stationery and more!

Horrid Henry Top Trumps

Battle it out with Horrid Henry’s friends and family in this frightfully funny edition of the classic card game.

Smelly Nappy Baby Playing Cards

A bright and colourful and truly horrid card game for 2 or more players.

Face Off Puzzle

Horrid Henry and Moody Maragret face off in this multicoloured, glow in the dark jigsaw puzzle.

Horrid Homework Puzzle

250 piece, multicoloured, glow in the dark Horrd Homework jigsaw puzzle

Horrid Henry Air Guitar Puzzle

100 piece, multicoloured, glow in the dark Air Guitar jigsaw puzzle

Horrid Henry's Favourite Things Board Game

Help Henry find all of his favourite things, stopping to pick up cards and face challenges along the way!

Horrid Henry's Bag of Tricks

Bag of Tricks

Fabric Horrid Henry Branded Trick bag with whoopie cushion, slug, rubber pencil and chattering teeth.

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