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Yoto Player fills your home with inspiring audio and lets kids lead the way. Kids from 3-12+ use physical cards to explore the best audiobooks, music, activities and educational audio. No microphone. No camera. No ads.

Horrid Henry and the Walking Stick Gang

Horrid Henry has met his match in the most unlikely of places! In this story, Henry learns that you can enjoy a little troublemaking at any age!

Horrid Henry and the Best Boys’ Club Sleepover

Horrid Henry is on a mission to destroy Peter’s sleepover! But will he face an even nastier punishment after causing havoc for his perfect brother?

Horrid Henry and the Petsitting Service

Horrid Henry is in business! Pet-sitting for his friends seems like the best idea ever! After all, how hard can looking after a few animals really be?

Horrid Henry and the Name Game

Horrid Henry and his brother, Perfect Peter adopt a cat, or rather it adopts them, but they just can’t decide what to call it!”

Horrid Henry and the Ice Cream Dream

Will Henry’s love for ice cream be strong enough to stop his family from going carrot crazy?


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Horrid Henry's Awesome Adventure.

Catch up with Horrid Henry and friends in this adventure packed volume of 10 stories, performed by the show’s full cast.

Horrid Henry's Big Story Bonanza

Join the fun with Horrid Henry and friends in 10 bonanza Horrid Henry stories, performed by the show’s full cast.

Horrid Henry: How to be Horrid

Prepare to get horrid with Henry and friends! Contains 10 Horrid Henry stories, performed by the show’s full cast

Horrid Henry: Going Gross

Henry’s gone Gross! Join him in 10 Horrid Henry stories, performed by the show’s full cast.

Horrid Henry: Hugely Horrid

Trick or treat! Join Henry in this super spooky volume of 10 Horrid Henry stories.


Bookeez is a portable book making studio so you can write, draw and create your own stories, and then bind them into your own unique book.

Horrid Henry Bookeez: Your very own book making studio

Dive into the classic world of Horrid Henry in this fun filled and creative Bookeez pack. Let your imagination run wild and create fantastical stories and art. Use the stickers, pages and covers to make perfect Horrid Henry inspired creations. Turn them into real life books of your own making using the bookeez spines and bookeez unit.


Voxblock is a new physical format for audiobooks. There’s no screen, no internet connection, and no need for any apps. In a world of constant updates and connectivity problems, Voxblox like to keep things simple.

Horrid Henry and Friends

Join Henry and his friends as they open a Horrid hotel, live out their Ice Cream Dream, plan a super sleepover with the Best Boys and discover the power of a good singalong!

Horrid Henry’s Perfect Pet Tales

There’s plenty of pet pandemonium and Moody mayhem as Henry welcomes a new furry friend into his life, enters Fang into the Ashton pet show, launches his new pet sitting venture and convinces Peter that he really has discovered a fruity new pet planet!

Horrid Henry's Super School Stories

Everyone knows Henry’s too cool for school, but that doesn’t stop him standing for Ashton Primary school council, launching a brilliantly Horrid homework app, becoming a marvellous mindreader and daydreaming about being the eternal schoolboy

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